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Our ministries are for all ages. We love serving our community!

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We have specialized classes for all age groups to teach the Word of God to everyone.  For children ages 3-11, we have an interactive Sunday School program.  The children are taught God’s Word in a fun and interactive environment. We also have toddler, youth and adult classes that allow everyone to be ministered to on their individual level.

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Our youth ministry is for ages 12 up. The Spiritual development of our youth is encouraged through activities within our local congregation as well as activities within our community. To expand their vision, the youth also participate in various activities with other youth at a state and national level. If you are looking for a youth program that will not only entertain your teen but will also encourage their spiritual growth and development into adulthood, check us out.

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Our Ladies’ Ministry (Women's Esprit) has numerous activities throughout the year such as meetings, times of prayer and fellowship, preparing special meals and attending annual ladies retreats. Our Ladies' Ministry is always a time of sharing and caring which allows us to remain connected to each other’s needs.

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The Monroe Apostolic Church Men's Ministry is dedicated to bringing the men of our congregation and community together for fun, spiritual growth and encouragement.

I AM my Brothers Keeper! Together we are building stronger marriages, Homes, and churches.

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We have staff that will conduct a Home Bible Study with you to assist in your personal growth and a greater understanding of God’s word. These Home Bible Studies can be scheduled within the privacy of your home and at your convenience. We offer numerous types of Home Bible Studies that can be tailored to your needs.  These studies are as simple as a one lesson, one-hour study and as in depth as a 12 lesson study that spans the entire Old and New Testament.

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The entire church body is encouraged to reach out to our community through various outreach programs.  Through our annual prayer revival, prayer services, weekly visitation teams and quarterly commitment services, we are constantly reminded of the purpose for the church.

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